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Zanzibar. Friday. 1pm.

Zanzibar. Friday. 1pm. is an exploration of Muslim men, culture and clothes.

Each Friday, the men and boys of Zanzibar leave their day-to-day clothes at home and instead opt to wear the traditional kanzu (robe) and kofia (hat).

This weekly transformation is nowhere as obvious as in the busy laneways of Stone Town, where mosques fill up and spill out onto the streets each Friday. Locals walk and talk and catch up, their matching clothes creating a lovely sense of identity and giving the city a beautiful timelessness.

Amongst these men and boys are my friends. Soon after moving to Zanzibar, I would struggle to recognise them each Friday. Usually I saw them in jeans and hoodies, Bob Marley t-shirts and croqueted beanies, pressed shirts and suits jeans. But on Friday they had transformed to respect their religion and it took me a few moments to realise who they were.

It was this weekly transformation that I set out to capture with Rich Townsend.