Aline Frazão – Lugar Vazio


I saw Angolans Aline Frazão and Toty Sa’Med at the Sauti za Busara music festival in Zanzibar. Their sound – her voice – captured me. The next morning I was floating in the ocean off of the old city and inspired by Aline, decided to start the Stone Town Sessions – live local and international music filmed in one take.

As fate would have it, I bumped into her in the crowd the following night and got chatting to her and Toty. After a while I put the idea to Aline. She said she’d think about and when we ran into each other at the festival the following day, she agreed. Having not filmed since arriving, I was really excited about creating the series. My mood was infectious; Aline’s gorgeous smile and bright eyes failed to conceal her excitement and revealed a child-like passion for life and all things fun.

We met up at 7:30am the next day and wandered the alleys behind her hotel. With her was Toty. With me was Kabubi Herman from Uganda and Fieke Geerts from Holland. Towards the end of the song someone behind the door unlocked it and we were worried they’d open up and ruin the shot. Then a scooter almost torn through the scene but some quick thinking from Fieke saved the take as they turned off the engine and politely rolled by. The song finished and something nearby fell over, giving the song a random crash-symbol ending.

Project: Aline Frazão - Lugar Vazio Client: Stone Town Sessions Location: Malindi, Zanzibar, Tanzania Date: February 2015 Producer: Benj Binks Writer: Music: Aline Frazão. Clip: Benj Binks Director: Benj Binks Cinematographer: Benj Binks Additional Cinematography: Kabubi Herman, Fieke Geerts Sound Recorder: Benj Binks Editor: Benj Binks Composer: Aline Frazão